Key Personnel

Jeremiah Hillian

Anthony B. Hillian

Lawrence Hillian 

Loretta A.Taylor



Jeremiah Hillian

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan, manage and coordinate all activities and functions of the corporation. 
  • Coordinate finances, credit lines and bonding resources.  
  • Oversee marketing and business development 
  • Set corporate goals and objectives 
  • Oversee Human Resource development and training.  
  • Optimize the cost effective use of labor, equipment and materials.


  • Estimating and Project Management: Bid and proposal preparation. Negotiation of contracts with owners. Subcontractor negotiations. 
  • Corporate Sales: With extensive experience in customer relations, procurement regulations and contract management and administration. 
  • Construction Supervisor: With over thirty five years of experience in construction estimating, project management and job site supervision. 
  • Quality Control and Safety Management: Job site inspection, Oversight of safety plan implementation. Submittal review and preparation to ensure a quality end product.